Serge Weisager Grants

For the Mont Pelerin Society conference in Oslo, October 4-8, 2022

A former Member, Serge Weisager, bequeathed the Mont Pelerin Society funds to help young French-speaking communicators to attend MPS conferences. Accordingly, qualifying candidates are invited to apply for Serge Weisager grants to attend the next conference, in Oslo, Norway, 4-8 October 2022.

The grants provide help towards travel, accommodation and the conference registration fee. They may vary in size but will not exceed $6,000.

Applications are open until 30 June 2022. Applications must be made and submitted by the candidates personally, not by others on their behalf. Qualifying applications will be judged competitively; not all are likely to succeed. Successful applicants will be informed in late July or early August 2022.

Qualifications for applicants

Applications will be considered only from candidates who are:

* French speaking (though they may have other languages too);
* Have a reasonable command of English (since this is the language of the conference);
* Sympathetic to the aims and values of the Mont Pelerin Society;
* Able to demonstrate a clear intention and ability to attend the conference;
* Involved in or interested in a media career (this includes all French-language online, social, printed and broadcast media; it also includes those who are deeply engaged in communications, even if it is not their main career).

Information required

Applicants must answer all the items on the list below. This information should be sent by email, with the subject Serge Weisager grant application to the Mont Pelerin Society, at, before 30 June 2022. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Please state:
Your name
Your address
Date of birth
Present occupation

Do you believe you meet the qualifications listed above?

What level of spoken English do you have?

Are you able and willing to attend the Mont Pelerin Society meeting in Oslo, 4-8 October 2022?

What is your media and/or other relevant experience to date?
(maximum 100 words: bullet points are perfectly acceptable)

What are your French-language media career ambitions?
(maximum 50 words: bullet points are perfectly acceptable)

What values and ideas of the Mont Pelerin Society do you share? 
(maximum 50 words: bullet points are perfectly acceptable)

How to you expect your future career to advance these aims? 
(maximum 50 words: bullet points are perfectly acceptable)

Are you known to any Mont Pelerin Society members who would endorse you? 
If Yes, please give the names and contact details of up to two such persons.
If No, please give the names and contact details of two other referees.

Please attach a CV of no more than one page.


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