Young Scholars Program

Tuesday October 4, 15.00-18.00
Session 1

Theme: East Asia

Room: Taksim Square

Chair: Edwin Feulner

Greg Caskey

Chinese Development Lending and the Amplification Effect

The Citadel

Bryan Cheang
East Asia, the Developmental State, and Liberalism

King's College London

Session 2

Theme: Governance

Room: Nyhavn

Chair: Edward Stringham

Henry Thompson

Chinese Development Lending and the Amplification Effect

University of Mississippi

Audrey Redford

Conventional Wisdom?': Constitutional Failure in International Narcotics Agreements

Hampden-Sydney College

Nunez del Fabio Prado

Adjudicators and Invisible Loyalties: An Assessment of the Dominant Model for Appointing Adjudicators in the International Order of Dispute Resolution

Oxford Univesity

Vera Kichanova

Metaverse and the Future of Non-Territorial Governance

King's College London

Session 3

Theme: Freedom and Institutions

Room: Taksim Square

Chair: Randall Holcombe

Kerianne Lawson

Free to Protest or Protesting for Freedom? Understanding the Relationship Between Institutions and the Prevalence of Protests Around the World

North Dakota State University

Justin Callais

Who Benefits When a Country Becomes More Economically Free? (Does Anybody Lose?)

University of Louisiana Lafayette

Laura Jenkins

Privatizing Leviathan: A Look Back at James Buchanan's "America's Third Century in Perspective"

Syracuse Univesity

Session 4

Theme: Public Policy

Room: Nyhavn

Chair: Nicolas Cachanosky

Alicia Plemmons

Occupational Licensure: Expanded Psychologist Prescriptive Authority and Suicide Rates

West Virginia University

Glenn Fahey

Reclaiming Liberalism in 21st Century School Education

Centre for Independent Studies

Jelena Culibrk

Out of Chaos: Documentary Media, (neo)Liberalism, and the Riddle of Politics, 1918-1947

Univerisity of Southern California